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Deliver outstanding products that solve real problems and improve customers’ lives, no matter your situation or obstacles.

strategize | Align | Deliver

What if you could deliver outstanding products with the resources you have?

Successful product teams have mastered 3 things:

They have a clear product strategy. They have team alignment on what needs to be done, and who is responsible for what. And they have a delivery roadmap for how to get there.

If you can master these 3 areas, you can do anything.

not your average consultant

Hi, I’m Maria

I’ve spent the past decade designing and delivering successful products for enterprise SaaS companies. Now I help product teams do the same.

As your guide, I’ll help you cut through the noise to unlock your potential, and achieve more than you’ve ever imagined.


"I can already see the workshop having a positive effect on everyone. Today's team call was very productive."


"I was able to take what we learned and apply it the next day."


“Maria is a very positive and fun personality, and handles adversity with an eye towards moving forward productively.”