Hi, I’m Maria Burke

Design strategist & UX designer helping product teams
work smart and have fun

work smart have fun

Collaborate better, make effective decisions, and solve big problems

Level up your product team by helping them do more meaningful work, deliver valuable products, and (of course) have more fun.

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Practical, outcome-driven design strategy & product design

I’ve spent a decade designing and delivering successful SaaS products for companies like IBM and Procore. Now, I help product and design leaders do the same for their teams. My focus is on helping your team be more productive and do more effective work.

I guide your team to define the problem, prioritize solutions, and create an effective plan for delivering innovative products. After defining the design strategy, I can also stay on to help with UX design for part or all of the project.


“I feel confident that Maria can provide solutions to any problem she is presented with.”


“Maria demonstrates the ability to break a complex problem down to be easily understood 
by those less familiar with the subject matter.”


“Maria is a very positive and fun personality, and handles adversity maturely and with an eye towards moving forward productively.”

Meet the founder

Hi, I’m Maria Burke

I love working in really complex problems spaces and facilitating fun, engaging working sessions. You can expect me to be highly collaborative, communicate clearly, and bring a sense of humor to any situation!


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