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Workshops that actually make a difference

Often, solving big business and collaboration challenges requires that everyone step out of their daily hustle and come together (virtually or physically) for a period of time. But if not planned carefully, these sessions can result in circular conversations that just lead to more meetings.

I have a decade of experience planning and facilitating effective workshops that are as fun as they are action-oriented. I’m trained in a variety of collaboration frameworks, and will draw upon this knowledge to create a session that is unique to your goals.


“I feel confident that Maria can provide solutions to any problem she is presented with.”


“Maria demonstrates the ability to break a complex problem down to be easily understood 
by those less familiar with the subject matter.”


“Maria is a very positive and fun personality, and handles adversity maturely and with an eye towards moving forward productively.”

Meet the founder

Hi, I’m Maria Burke

I love working in really complex problems spaces and facilitating fun, engaging working sessions. You can expect me to be highly collaborative, communicate clearly, and bring a sense of humor to any situation!


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