5 Ways to Build Community as a Solo Entrepreneur

The thing that terrified me the most about starting my own business wasn’t that I knew nothing…

It was that I was afraid to work by myself. 😬

I am the literal definition of “team player”. Working with other people brings me joy, gives me ideas, and gets me out of my own head.

I was so afraid of losing this and feeling alone.

It hasn’t been easy, but unexpectedly I’ve found more community now that I work for myself.

Here are the top 5 things that have helped me:

1️⃣ Asking for input from my existing network.
▪️ Just because we don’t officially work together doesn’t mean I can’t ask for help. Whenever I’m feeling stuck, I reach out to people I know who specialize in the area I need help with.

2️⃣ Joining a co-working space with an active community, and attending all the events.
▪️ My fellow co-working space members are my new coworkers. I say hi to people when I come in, I gossip with people to procrastinate, we bitch about our jobs together, and we support each other.

3️⃣ Finding a relevant online community, and developing individual connections.
▪️ Online communities are awesome, but they can be overwhelming. What’s worked best is finding reasons to connect individually with people — whether that’s engaging in their LinkedIn posts, getting involved in what they’re doing, or setting up 1:1 calls.

4️⃣ Attending small, focused in person events (bonus points if they’re recurring).
▪️ Perhaps this is an introvert thing, but I’ve found the most success meeting people at smaller in-person events. I’m still working on this one but my dream is to find a few groups that meet regularly so I can see the same people on a consistent basis!

5️⃣ Developing social hobbies outside of work.
▪️ This is the entire reason I took up golf last year. During my sabbatical, I joined every ladies’ golf league I could find, and now I have a solid group of friends that I play with regularly.

Building a community as a solo entrepreneur requires a little more work, but I think that might make it more rewarding. Plus, I get to choose my own “team”, which means I like everyone 😁

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