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I’m Maria Burke, a user experience designer currently improving the lives of everyone in construction at Procore.

I’m a problem solver by nature. It is my belief that “design” — whether it be visual, user experience, industrial, or even architecture & building design — stems from the same problem solving process, and I make sure that every day I’m working to refine and apply that process to my work.

I’m passionate about good communication, and I find that many of the problems we encounter result from a lack of it. So while I spend my days directing, planning, and creating designs, I also spend a great majority of my time making sure our team is communicating across disciplines to our development- and business-minded counterparts, and across business units. I love getting groups of people to work together, and my most fulfilling days are those where I’ve managed to get everyone to see that they were all saying the same things all along, just in a different way.

My other passion is learning, and I love working in tech because the ever changing technologies mean I always have something to learn. Plus, the complexity of the systems I’m working with means I won’t be done learning about them in a day or even a month!

I value balance in all areas of my life, so when I’m not working, you can find me making a mess in my kitchen (and blogging about it), exploring the world, or soaking up the sun outside or on the lake. I hate the cold, which is why I love living in warm, sunny Austin, Texas!


User experience design
Design Thinking facilitation
Project strategy
Information architecture
User research & testing


After Effects


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