Hi! I’m Maria

I began my career in UX with IBM Design in Austin, Texas (where I still live today).

During my time there I worked on everything from mobile apps to physical and virtual reality experiences to platform services. I then brought these skills with me to Procore Technologies where I worked on their suite of financial tools.

Also at IBM I received training in Enterprise Design Thinking and discovered a love of facilitating group workshops and helping teams collaborate better. Over the years I’ve facilitated countless workshops, meetings, and working sessions (both in person and remote), with groups from 3 to over 60 people. I firmly believe that a healthy culture and good communication are the keys to a successful team. And while I am passionate about achieving results, I try not to take myself too seriously in work or in life. You can find me on a plane to somewhere new, or pursuing my many active hobbies like hiking, lifting or golfing.
Maria standing on a giant tree trunk in John Muir national forest

SUPER fun facts

I’m an Enneagram 9 and Myers-Briggs INTP

Peacemaker, conflict resolver, and social introvert

My favorite color is teal

Because when I wear it, people tell me my eyes match my shirt

I judge typefaces by the lowercase “a” and “g”

Bodoni: yes. Gill Sans: absolutely not

my spirit animal is a lizard

I’d love nothing more than to bask in the sun all day


“I feel confident that Maria can provide solutions to any problem she is presented with.”


“Maria demonstrates the ability to break a complex problem down to be easily understood 
by those less familiar with the subject matter.”


“Maria is a very positive and fun personality, and handles adversity maturely and with an eye towards moving forward productively.”