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Companies who have invested in AI have seen on average a 31% increase in efficiency, and a 29% growth in profit and revenue over the past three years (source).

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01. Consultation

This part is free! Review goals, plans, & technology in 30 minutes. Leave with recommended next steps.

02. AI Strategy workshop

Identify opportunities & brainstorm solutions in 2-3 days with your team (in person or remote). Leave with a roadmap for how to implement AI at your company.

03. reap the benefits

Take action & make decisions confidently. Successfully transform your company, boost efficiency, and improve your customers’ experiences.

Maria Burke

about maria

Complex problems are my thing

From working with AI and VR at IBM’s Innovation Lab, to designing hybrid cloud platform experiences, to Fintech, I’ve spent my entire career working with complex problems and cutting-edge technologies.

Now I help other enterprise companies figure out how to integrate AI into their services by facilitating AI Strategy Workshops.

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