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Meetings that go nowhere. People who spend more time poking holes in others’ work than doing their own. Priorities that change constantly and timelines are always delayed. Does this sound like your team?

In this free guide, you’ll…

☑️ Learn how to recognize the four red flags of ineffective teams

☑️ Understand the consequences of letting these warning signs go unaddressed

☑️ Discover how to take action to help your team succeed

Mockup: four red flags of ineffective teams

Meet the founder

Hi, I’m Maria Burke

I help teams address their red flags, enabling them to outshine their competition, weather changes, satisfy their customers, and grow faster.

I have a decade of experience facilitating sessions of all shapes and sizes, and am trained in a variety of frameworks such as Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Agile, Lean, and Kanban. I draw upon this knowledge and training to create working sessions that are fun and engaging (with none of the typical team-building bs).