My Top Secret to Planning Meetings

My #1 secret to planning working sessions (whether it’s a formal workshop or informal team meeting):

Define your goals and outcomes up front.

I like to think about this as answering two questions:

1️⃣ “Why are we here?” (The workshop goal)
2️⃣ “What do we want to get out of this?” (The workshop objectives)

For example:

“We’re here to discuss & decide what’s next for our product (goal). By the end, we want prioritized ideas and a roadmap for next year (objectives).”
“We’re here to improve collaboration between team members (goal). By the end we want to discover the key problems holding us back and create an action plan to overcome obstacles (objectives).”

Setting these up front allows you to
⚡ Manage client/participant expectations — everyone is clear on why they’re there and what they’re doing.
⚡ Create an agenda that allows you to successfully achieve your outcomes. (no more pointless meetings!)
⚡ Adapt the agenda on the fly based on how conversations go.

Try it out and see how much smoother your meetings run!

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