Project Spotlight: Facilitation Fundamentals Training

Facilitation Fundamentals participants and myself

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking about workshop planning at the Facilitation Fundamentals training hosted by Funsize!

While I have formal education and credentials in facilitation now, my early days of running workshops were very much so trial and error (empahsis on “error”). 

(Picture baby Maria, terrified, trying to get a group of skeptical software engineers to write ideas on sticky notes. 😅)

So this was a bit of a “pinch me” moment, to be able to share my experiences with this amazing and thoughtful group. I shared my top tips for planning successful working sessions (see my next post for my #1 tip!).

The group brought some amazing (and complex) real life scenarios to the table, and we were able to brainstorm what we might do differently next time.

I’m so excited to see this group to grow into some kick-ass facilitators!

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