AI Strategy Workshop

Discovering how to make AI work for business owners

AI Strategy Workshop


AI is unavoidable and ubiquitous, and we can agree that it’s going to change the way we work. However, as a business owner myself, I know how hard it is to find time to sort through all the options and figure out how to use them.

This is why I decided to host this AI strategy workshop for members of Createscape Coworking, to help them figure out how to make AI work for them.

My Role

As the facilitator, I met with coworking space management to discuss the workshop goals and ensure that the event would be as successful as possible.

Since this event was free and voluntary for coworking members, I needed to fit all my best product strategy activities into just 60 minutes. My personal goal was to plan a workshop that was valuable, without requiring people to take hours out of their day.

The Workshop

Workshop goal

Identify ways that AI can help participants with their businesses and roles

In just 1 hour we brainstormed ways to use AI, prioritized ideas, and determined the next steps.

Most of the group did not have a technical background and were not using AI currently, but by the end, they were prepared to get started! We had some great discussions, and it was fun to have representation from across industries. 

Miro board from the workshop

Because the room didn’t have enough wall space for physical sticky notes, we went with a hybrid approach — participants were all in person but worked virtually in Miro. This worked well as each person received access to the board to reference later.


Participants shared afterward that they had learned AI capabilities that they hadn’t known before, and that they were able to take what they learned and immediately start applying it.

Special thanks to Createscape Coworking for hosting this event!

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