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AI Strategy Workshop

Create an AI strategy in one week. Companies who have invested in AI have seen on average a 31% increase in efficiency, and a 29% growth in profit and revenue over the past three years (1). Identify opportunities & brainstorm solutions in 2-3 days with your team (in person or remote), and leave with a roadmap for how to implement AI at your company.

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Team Collaboration Workshop

Improve team dynamics in 1 day.

Meetings that go nowhere. People who spend more time poking holes in others’ work than doing their own. Priorities that change constantly and timelines are always delayed. Does this sound like your team? 

Identify core problems, discover opportunities, and commit to change in 3 hours, and leave with an action plan and instant results.


“I feel confident that Maria can provide solutions to any problem she is presented with.”


“Maria demonstrates the ability to break a complex problem down to be easily understood 
by those less familiar with the subject matter.”


“Maria is a very positive and fun personality, and handles adversity maturely and with an eye towards moving forward productively.”

Case study

Team building session

See how I helped this team better improve collaboration and communication.


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