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Design Strategy

As a design strategist, I bridge the gap between what the business needs and what customers desire. I love working with product teams who are kicking off new projects, products, or systems. I’ll use design-focused methods like workshops and prototyping to help teams define the problem, prioritize solutions, and ultimately create an effective plan for delivering innovative products.

Services | Maria Burke

UX Design

As a design leader, I take on highly complex problems and deliver high quality designs and experiences. Along with helping the team define the design strategy, I can help with initial concepts and discovery research all the way through delivery and development.


“I feel confident that Maria can provide solutions to any problem she is presented with.”


“Maria demonstrates the ability to break a complex problem down to be easily understood 
by those less familiar with the subject matter.”


“Maria is a very positive and fun personality, and handles adversity maturely and with an eye towards moving forward productively.”

Case study

Allowing users to customize Procore

See how I helped this team better define their vision and achieve their desired outcomes


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